Our Mission!

Air Central Texas (ACT) is an initiative to reduce exposure to air pollution in Central Texas through voluntary actions. Our partners include local governments, regional and state government agencies, non-profit groups, businesses, and institutions. Our mission is to provide the public with information about Central Texas Air Quality, support existing air quality programs, and motivate everyone to make decisions that are Air Aware. 



Be Air Aware


Low air quality could mean more regulation for Texas

Texas has repeatedly failed to meet air quality standards, and many parts of the state will likely face more aggressive federal regulations as a result.

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‘State of the Air:’ Which cities have the highest pollution levels?

Seven of Texas’ 10 largest counties have a failing grade when it comes to ozone pollution levels, according to a new report by the American Lung Association.

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Where Austin’s Air Quality Ranked in 2021

With less than a handful of days recording reduced air quality in Austin last year, the city faired quite well, meeting all national air quality standards

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What today's air quality alert means for people with lung-related issues

An Ozone Action Day means both the weather conditions and air pollution are causing some problems for people with lung-related conditions.

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Air quality concerns growing due to wildfires, wind gusts in Texas

With wildfires burning and winds gusting, air quality concerns are growing.

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