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The Hydrogen & Electric Vehicle Workshop, Ride & Drive

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The Hydrogen & Electric Vehicle Workshop was held on to provide locals with a better understanding of medium and heavy-duty vehicles. The event occurred on Tuesday, March 7th, 2023 at the UT Pickle Research Center Campus and was hosted by the Lone Star Clean Alliance, the Environmental Defense Fund, and CAPCOG’s Air Quality Program

Attendees learned about the available technology, the steps it will take to transition away from diesel, and why it is so important to make the shift from diesel from industry professionals.

In addition, the event provided attendees with hands on experience with the vehicles by allowing attendees to tour the vehicles and even test ride in select vehicles.

What is a heavy-duty vehicle?

Most passenger cars and trucks are classified as light-duty vehicles. But the biggest polluters on the road are medium- and heavy-duty vehicles, weighing more than 10,000 pounds. In a growing region like ours these vehicles provide vital services for construction, and other industries as they transport large quantities of food, goods, and or people. This includes everything from delivery trucks, tractor trailers, buses, garbage trucks, and cement mixers.

Heavy-duty trucks are a primary source of tailpipe pollution that can contribute to serious public health issues. This includes increased asthma rates, heart and lung disease, and certain types of cancer.

By switching our diesel heavy-duty vehicles to fleets powered by hydrogen or electricity, we can significantly reduce toxic emissions.

"While the upfront cost is higher for these vehicles, the owners will spend less money on fuel and maintenance over the vehicle’s lifetime, making it a more cost-efficient option." - Cary Gniffke Holt Trucking centers Manager

These vehicles will play an important role in the transition away from diesel-powered vehicles, leading to better air quality for the region.

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