Air Quality Complaints Dashboard

Why Complaints Matter!

As part of our mission to provide the public with information about air quality, we have created a dashboard compiled of air quality complaint data from TCEQ the Austin-Round Rock-San Marcos MSA. This includes Bastrop, Caldwell, Hays, Travis, and Williamson counties. The dashboard currently shows the type of air quality complaint, the county it was made for, and the number of complaints filed for that county. With this information hope to provide our stakeholders with insight into what their residents are experiencing. We also would like to encourage everyone to file a complaint if they are experiencing any issues related to air quality. This way we can ensure governing bodies such as Clean Air Coalition can address them.

Whether responding to a complaint or routinely inspecting for compliance with permits, TCEQ conducts thousands of investigations each year. They offer those they regulate compliance assistance, but also enforce environmental regulations.

What problems can you report?

In general, we suggest filing a complaint if you;

  • Smell something unpleasant in the outside air
  • See smoke constantly
  • See land that may be contaminated.
  • Have information or evidence about an environmental problem.
  • See water that may be polluted.
  • Have problems with an individual or company licensed or registered by TCEQ.

How to Make a Complaint

TCEQ has many ways to collect air quality complaints:

  • Via its website by completing a form available 24/7 (Can file a complaint anonymously)
  • A toll-free hotline available 24/7. (Can file a complaint anonymously)
  • contacting your local regional office
  • Or via email 

Visit their website to learn more about making an environmental complaint

Click here to file a complaint.

After your complaint is received an investigator will be in touch with you to discuss your complaint and any information you have.

Complaint Data