Past Air Central Texas Awards

2016 Air Central Texas

In 2016 we had our first ever Air Central Texas Awards and we were honored to have great recipients and nominees!

2016 ACT Awards - Public Sector Award Recipents
From left to right: Brooke Hailey, the niece of Williamson County Commissioner Ronald Morrison, Glenda Morrison, the widow the Commissioner, and Williamson County Commissioner Cynthia Long; accepting the Public Sector Award.

The Air Central Texas Public Sector Award

Former Williamson County Precinct 4 Commissioner Ronald Morrison posthumously received the 2016 ACT Public Sector Award Recipient for his longtime service and leadership on the Central Texas Clean Air Coalition and the Clean Air Force of Central Texas. Capital Metro and the City of Cedar Park were also nominated for the Public Sector Award.

2016 ACT Award Private/Nonprofit Sector Award Recipent crop
From left to right: Stacey Neef, of Lone Star Clean Fuels Alliance; winner of the Air Central Texas Private/Nonprofit Sector Award with Pharr Andews - City of Austin

The Air Central Texas Private/Nonprofit Sector Award

The Lone Star Clean Fuels Alliance received the 2016 Air Central Texas Private/Nonprofit Sector Award for their role in cleaning the air through various projects such as migrating vehicles to alternative fuels, converting much of the booming landscaping industry in Texas to propane mowers, and development of alternative fuel infrastructure. Texas Lehigh Cement Company and the Beyond Coal campaign were also nominated for the Private/Nonprofit Sector Award.

2016 ACT Awards - Tom 'Smitty' Smith
Tom "Smitty" Smith of Public Citizen Texas speaking at the 2016 ACT Award Ceremony.

The Bill Gill Central Texas Air Quality Leadership Award

Tom “Smitty” Smith received the 2016 Bill Gill Central Texas Air Quality Leadership Award for his work as the Director of Public Citizen’s Texas office since 1985, where he organized efforts that lead to the development of the renewable energy boom across Texas and the Texas Emission Reduction Program — both reduced air pollution in the Central Texas area and other parts of the state. This award is named in honor of CAPCOG’s former Air Quality Program Manager Bill Gill, who worked on air quality throughout his career and was instrumental in the establishment and success of the region’s air quality program. Former City of Austin and CAPCOG employee Fred Blood was also nominated for this award.