EPA accepts applications for 2017 School Bus Rebate Program

The Environmental Protection Agency is accepting applications for its 2017 School Bus Rebate Program which could provide up to $20,000 per vehicle to replace older school buses and up to $6,000 per vehicle for retrofits. The program will take applications until 4 p.m., ET, Tuesday Nov. 14. Older school buses without emission reduction retrofits emit significant amounts of harmful exhaust, so participating in this program will help improve the health of students and other members of your community. Eligible entities include regional, state, or tribal agencies including school districts and municipalities, or private entities that operate school buses under a contract with an entity listed above. More than $7 million is available through this program and up to $1 million for retrofits. > Read more or download an application for the 2017 School Bus Rebate Program. www.epa.gov/cleandiesel/clean-diesel-rebates > Contact CleanDiesel@epa.gov with questions. > Learn about the CAPCOG Air Quality Program. http://www.capcog.org/divisions/regional-services/air-quality

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